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Fabulous engraving of half nude characters carrying Lilac Bow Yoke Mother of Pearl Jewelry and Printed Cloth Buttons

Please create an ACCOUNT to register. EMAIL your request for wholesale status which is given promptly upon review.

Minimum order to open: $250
Reorder minimum: $100

  • LAPEL PINS: Min of 2 per motiif
  • BROOCH & PENDANTS: Min of 2 per motif
  • CHARMS: Min of 2 per motif
  • EARRINGS: Min of 2 per motif
  • BUTTONS: Min of 15 buttons per motif or 3 sets of 5

Payment is due at time of order via PayPal or Credit Card.

Orders are processed within 7 business days and shipped from Oakland, California.

We love to do custom imaging!

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